The Sociology of Business is a newsletter about how consumers' shifting status symbols shift brand strategy. New status symbols are taste, aesthetic innovation, curation, and environmentalism and they create the modern aspirational economy.

In contrast to traditional economy, where consumers signaled their status through collecting commodities, Instagram followers, airline miles, and busy back-to-back schedules, in the modern aspirational economy they convey it through collecting knowledge, taste, micro-communities, and influence.

This new capital changes the way businesses and entire markets operate, yet the modern aspirational economy is still an understudied area in business and culture. The Sociology of Business has been changing that since 2020.

Join the Sociology of Business community, make connections, get inspired, learn, think and do, and access strategic and tactical toolkit that builds your brand and your professional path. You will find yourself among founders, decision-makers, leading columnists, C-level executives, and the next generation of talent. This community is curious, ambitious and entrepreneurial. It wants to understand the business as a way of understanding the world, and to understand culture and society as a way of running a better businesses.


Paid Sociology of Business Members receive exclusive access to 4 monthly newsletters that include original writing about growth, culture, strategy and best business and brand building practices. Paid members learn how to build brand-first businesses, how to pitch angel investors and VCs, how to shift their brand narrative and competitive strategy, how to merchandise and sell, how to creatively differentiate, how to create brand systems, and how to ensure that your products and services create both monetary, cultural and social value. The issues mix sociology and business and are rooted in my experience as a C-level executive at the global brands. My writing regularly informs and inspires the wider aspirational economy coverage, so be first to access the source code.

Membership is available as an annual subscription in two tiers. The first tier is called “Professional” and is priced at $299/year. It includes access to all issues (4/month) and to private Sociology of Business Discord channels. The second tier is called “Master” and is priced at $499/year. It includes all issues and access to private Sociology of Business Discord channels, in addition to 2/month AMA on Discord, best practice analyses and Mastermind Sessions. You can also email me at andjelicaaa at gmail dot com for my availability and rates for expert interviews, talks, webinars, fireside chats, Q&As, advisory services and consulting projects.

What to expect

This newsletter will challenge you to think about how to create, distribute, and deliver new capital when making your business and brand decisions:

  • Learn what business and brand strategy can borrow from sociology

  • Successfully pitch investors and attract long-term brand-building partnerships

  • Learn how to seize new commerce opportunities in secondary marketplaces, social commerce and Web3

  • Understand how consumers relate to each other and how these relationships create new cultural and social capital

  • Root your brand strategy in one or more of the four Cs: Community, Content, Curation, and Collaborations

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