The Sociology of Business is a global weekly newsletter about how to connect brand and business through culture. Culture is known as an “ambiguous market,” where success is random and unpredictable. Through my professional experience, I came to understand that, to reduce risk and increase their hold on their market, brands need to build their story as a portfolio: where once they influenced culture through advertising communication in print, tv, and billboards or public relations, today they influence culture through cultural products they create: entertainment, merch, collaborations, exhibitions and awards, content, brand codes, retail experiences, archives and fandom. A good strategy of cultural influence is a good business. When a cultural product becomes a hit, it grows brand equity, market presence, return on financial investment, and annual sales. The Sociology of Business is listed among the top 20 business publications on Substack, and I published analyses in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, The Guardian, Advertising Age, Adweek, Frame Magazine, and Communication Arts, among others. Buy my first book on Amazon, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and read more about my career here


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What to expect

This newsletter will give you a framework to connect brand with business through culture:

  • Prioritize the brand story as the only factor for the durable brand growth

  • Understand a portfolio approach to building brand’s narrative worlds, where the story is told through cultural products and amplified through media

  • Create a lot of cultural products in order for some of them to become hits, depending on a cultural mood and moment

  • Transform media buying and planning into cultural amplification strategy, which allows brands to be quick to react to cultural moments

  • Approach media creatively, and use it to identify all the different cultural contexts for a brand to participate

  • Segment your audience based on their relationship to culture; some of them are going to be critical for turning cultural products into hits

  • Develop creative production capabilities to develop and test ideas in the real world

  • Think of cultural influence strategy as a self-enforcing loop of different cultural products, each seeded in a different cultural context and targeting a specific customer segment most likely to respond to it

  • Redefine brand marketing as the strategy of cultural influence

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