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I hit this line and it kinda made me stop in my tracks: “Netflix brand isn’t its shows. It’s personalization.”

The whole piece was excellent. I'll be sharing it on my own newsletter about employer brand next week. Thank you!!!

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... then the DAU "requirement" in pitch decks becomes: DAC (daily, active, communities)...

... fucking lol. no thanks!

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I wholeheartedly agree with your article. It seems as though all it takes to be influenced by what others say or do is to simply believe it something is happening.

For example, the audience for broadcast free to air TV isn't shrinking anywhere near as fast as advertisers and the general population think it is.

The heart of the problem seems to be that most people don't believe others are watching FTA TV anymore. FTA TV has lost its status as an arbiter of social norms, not because people aren't watching it in significant numbers but because people believe it is not being watched (even with evidence to the contrary).

Anyway, I am curious to know how you follow or pick up the social/cultural movements in a way that is useful and can go up against the ease of obtaining psychographic info.

Specifically, the network of relationships etc you mention in your article.


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