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What an exceptional article! Would love to find out how to become a curator. This was so inspiring! Thank you!

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Fantastic article! Have shared

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lol. this isn't new. i've been doing this for decade+.

ya'll are so cute.

but, the original was curating your own series into the blog back in the day:

300+ posts right there: https://john.do/goodies/

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“Modern aspiration is not about having money to buy things, but having taste to know what to buy.”

That’s from the customer perspective. To create for the aspirational customer, the product designer has to “have the taste to know what to *include*.” (in the product).

Curation is product design. You’re “curating” a set of features/characteristics that will be define your product. What is included and what is left out of a product (or service) is as much curation as what *set* of products you offer. That is how the product design offers her taste to the customer.

Extending the idea, we then “curate” the collection of messages and images we use to communicate the brand/taste of the product to the customer.

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I started watching this woman on YouTube. I don't know much about these industries but I liked her style. This idea of curation has merit.

What’s a Stylist & How to Become One | Hello Fashion | Kate Young



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Personally, I think that there is too much hubris in the 21st Century, and that there exists a need to return to simplicity. Using the example provided - the independent bookstore - a local favorite has continued to endure despite mandates inflicted by COVID-19 because of simplicity.

The bookstore does not sell coffee or puzzles or extraneous inventory. The bookstore sells books, and when people found they had extra time in their daily lives - no more commuting two, three, four hours a day - they looked at ways to make the most of the time. The local, independent bookstore responded by promoting books about do-it-yourself, how-to, cookbooks, etc.


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