"It allows introverts to express themselves in a public way that at the same time feels safe."

Hopefully. It's a bit difficult to reach out to those introverts on Twitter AFAIU.

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Very nice take on introversion and its multiple facets, thank you for the cool read !

As you evoked Carl Jung, I also believe you touched something that's actually deeper than one's extra/introverted balance, and also comes down to how people live and build their individuality vs. how they stay on the main lane of conventions, denying pulsions and aspirations.

As Jung theorized psychoanalysis he underlined how the work of a lifetime was to find balance while placing building blocks for constituting the individual, looking for one's soul. In some of his conferences (Children's dreams, 1936) he builds the argument that Modernity slows down human lives. In his words, in non-modern societies (he calls them 'primitive'), lives tend to be lived faster, destinies can be fulfilled faster (or seemingly fulfilled), and people tend to live shorter lives as well. He opposes that to the Modern life : a life of endless choice, with its endless catalogue of possibilities, on long life-spans where death tends to be hidden from the living, making it easy to miss the point.

I feel like the portraits you describe are eloquent in that perspective : speaking of people who are building their own very specific path in a time where it's easy to get lost in the daily social sauce.

Have a nice week!

@_Spb____ on Twitter

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