The First Day.

New York City, January 1, 2016. In the spirit of renewal, mindfulness and overall resolve, I started “The First Day” series last year. I find it a good reminder of where I was, where I wanted to be, and where I am now.

The first day of the new year is for me a day to stand still and look inward. To listen and see what I want to achieve in the new year, who I want to be and what I want to experience. It sets the direction for the entire year.

I used to be rather particular about what I did on the first day. I still am, but I moved the domain of my activities inside my mind. I came up with a list of new places I want to visit. I thought of work I would like to be doing. I imagined how I’d like to feel.

During my run yesterday, I saw a guy playing jazz at the corner of Montague and Clinton, in Brooklyn Heights. It seemed like a great way to send off the wonderful year of 2015. Contentedness, calmness and repose today seems like a great way to welcome a new year. Someone said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Here’s to stepping out of it in 2016.