The first day.

I’ve always been particular about the first day of the year. It’s said that what one does on this first day is forecasting what they’d be doing for the year to come. This is why I always try do do things that I want to be part of my life in the new year.

I went swimming. I read in bed. I made plans and I wrote them down. I read them to my husband. He approved. I outlined the immediate steps & specific actions of making those plans a reality. We went for a walk and watched a water fountain. I spoke with my friends and family. I put down a list of cities I want to work in in the next year. I wrote down places I want to visit. I thought of the old Mexican couple that we saw the other day slow-dancing in a park. I wondered if there’s a lesson there. I couldn’t decide. I wrote a bit. I meant well.

Things that I want to do in 2015 that make me wonder “what if I fall?” And then that is followed immediately with, “but what if I fly?” as that saying goes. Let 2015 be the year of new heights.