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It seems in bad taste to review this year. Instead, I collected here The Sociology of Business posts, The Business of Aspiration videos and podcast conversations that gathered the biggest audience and the most likes, in the event that you start craving some stimulation over the holidays.

The Flex Commerce Era, The Brand Checklist, Predicting a brand’s success: signals to look for, K-Shaped Aspiration, Differentiation in the sea of sameness, The wonder wheel on GOOP, The modern brand OS, From assets to brands, The 4Cs of the modern brand, the global pandemic edition, Coronavirus killed the modern aspirational economy, here is what comes next, Move over influencers, here come curators.

Jason Stewart of How Long Gone, East Fork’s Connie and Alex Matisse, Waqas Ali of Atoms Shoes, Prof. Giana Eckhardt, Drew Kaufman of Million Goods, Massimiliano Gritti of Bombinate, Daniella Kallmeyer and Aishwarya Ayer of Brightland.

Know First with Max Wastler, The Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins, How Long Gone, Unseen Unknown, The Overthinkers, The Luxury Item, Inspiring Futures and Courier Weekly.

The other week, I spoke with Anna Whiteman of Coefficient Capital as the inaugural guest of Coefficient Collectives video series. We talked about brand durability, growth models and balancing growth/performance marketing with building a brand/equity. Watch our conversation here: