Examples of digital creativity

I am very excited to be presenting as part of the Miami Ad School program in October (thanks, Mehera!). As part of my presentation on digital creativity, I have gathered here some campaigns/digital efforts that I think can serve as good examples. Because I believe that digital creativity can best be described as a “plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose” (Eames), I settled on the following criteria: a) ideas that enable/facilitate/inspire community well, b) ideas that curate/aggregate stuff that already exists on the internet instead of creating something new, c) ideas that combine things that were previously unconnected (this can mean digital/physical or app/web connections), d) ideas that make stuff visible so as to reveal collective trends/tastes, e) ideas that help people do something in the easier, better, and more fun way, and f) ideas that encourage some sort of behavioral dynamics (games, interactions, points, etc.) I also included some good ideas that are not used by brands, but that are executed well, and that solve some problem and/or respond in a new way to some need. This is just a preliminary list, and I’d love to add more based on your suggestions.

a) Ideas that enable/facilitate/inspire community

Pepsi Refresh Project

Ford Fiesta Movement


Anton Krupicka + New Balance

b) Ideas that curate/aggregate stuff that already exists online

Don Q’s Lady Data on BuzzFeed

COACH Poppy Project (disregard the visuals; the idea of the sites’ trail is cool)

eBay Lookbook

Rightcliq by Visa

Burberry Art of the Trench

c) Ideas that make new combinations

Nike+ Foursquare

Best Buy Shopkick

Pepsi & Food52 recipes on Stickybits

Schnitzel & Things iPhone app

Tesco iPhone app

Nike Livestrong Chalkbot

Barcode hero

d) Ideas that make stuff visible

OK Trends — data from OK Cupid

MTV VMA’s Twitter Tracker

Netflix Rental Queues Visualization

Frito Lay’s Chip Tracker

Hunch Taste Graph

e) Ideas that help people do something in the easier, better, and more fun way


Don Q’s Lady Data

Twelpforce Best Buy

Lufthansa’s MyFlightStatus

f) Ideas that encourage behavioral dynamics

Jonah Peretti’s Start The Adventure (why can’t brands come up with something fun like this?)

Old Spice

Uniqlo Lucky Counter


7-Eleven + Zynga partnership


Originally published on September 23, 2010